Jan Husstedt is a multi–disciplinary graphic designer and type designer. His main focus lies on printed matter, thus his strong affinity to typography and typesetting. From there his world can expand into anything, from book-making to identity and moving image.

Being educated at (HS Hannover) and (KABK Den Haag) he is not only able to stubbornly shape any medium, but also pull and conduct strong content through research, as a matter of fact, laying the foundation for his self-initiated work.

Experiences: (2019) Transmediale Art&Digital Culture, (2018) ROM Magazin, (2017) Bureau Hardy Seiler, (2016) Edenspiekermann 


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Roman (Cheap)
(Since 2018)

Cheap is a classified Antiqua, based on roman construction and translational strokes. Cheap works in small sizes as well as on big displays. It’s punchy temper is inspired by John Everett Benson, who is an American calligrapher, stonecarver and typeface designer, also known as Fud. Among many other monuments, he inscripted the John F. Kennedy memorial in Dallas, Texas. Cheap is balancing between bookworm legibility and monumental grace in contemporary manner, reviving the idea of typographic craftsmanship.

Aldo Novarese is a Italian Designer who designed most of his typefaces at Nebiolo in Turin. In 1952 he drew ‘Microgramma‘ at Nebiolo. Based on that typeface he published ‘Eurostile’ ten years later — a geometric sans-serif typeface made for screens and synthetic expression of that time. Nova is a revival and evolved during my graduation process, focussing on future scenarios. Researching on utopia, architecture and society, I was interested in designing a typeface that encapsulates the feeling of looking at the possible future. Nova comes with rounded inktraps and provides a limited characterset for now.    
Typedesign, Coding
Europa is a variable font. It is based on the drawings of Caslon’s Italian 1821 and modern interpretations such as Bob Newman’s Zipper released in 1970 or Maelstrom by Kris Sowersby in 2014. Europa is a reverse-contrast font and allows stepless variations in weight. 


‘Drift Carefully and Come Back Soon’ (DCABCS) is a speculative thesis in seven chapters. Each chapter works on its own (yet together) by introducing a problem of the so called anthropocene. Following Donna Haraway’s call for making the anthropocene as short as possible, the thesis implies certain strategies based on political philosophy overcoming the problems of our time. ‘Drift Carefully and Come Back Soon’ renders a non-linear process of becoming one’s self with everyone else. Supervised and guided in writing, designing and coding by Füsun Türetken, Matthias Kreutzer, Silvio Lorusso and Jan Robert Leegte and generously supported by Johannes Breyer & Fabian Harb (Dinamo).  https://kabk.github.io/go-theses-19-jan-husstedt/

Models For Humanity
Exhibition Poster   
April 2018

In collaboration with Peter van Langen we designed the identity around the exhibition ‘Models for Humanity’ — a collaboration between Amnesty International and KABK Graphic Design. https://www.kabk.nl/agenda/models-for-humanity-50-jarig-jubileum-amnesty